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The Art of Burnout Recovery

A Self-Paced Course on How to Recover from Burnout

and enter into Purposeful Living.


Presented by Sofia Mendoza, LCSW. Owner of Mending Roots Healing Spaces.

Sofia specializes in burnout and work stress problems. She has seen first hand how toxic stress impacts the human body and spirit. She has devised this course to help folks learn about stress and burnout, while also creating healthy and meaningful plans for recovery. 

In this course we will cover

You will get

Personal Computer

Access to the online course

You will be be able to take the 6-module course at your own pace on an easy to follow online platform. 


80+ Page e-book

Aside from the online course, you will receive a downloadable PDF of an 80+ page e-book so you can have it as a reference, write on it electronically or by hand. You can also complete it as many times as you'd like.

Bullet Journal

Journaling, Reflection, and Planning Pages

You will be given several additional pages for journaling, reflection exercises after every module, planning and tracking pages to help you implement healthy changes into your life. Mix and match. Add them to a binder. Or keep several copies in your favorite places to help remind you of your goals.

Green and Purple Succulents

I want to join the course and get started on my recovery! Purchase this self-pace course, e-book and bonus content.

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