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I'm Sofia Mendoza

A brownish little girl from South Central Los Angeles.

A proud housekeeper's daughter. 

A First Generation Professional with a graduate degree in Social Welfare.

A mental health advocate.

A writer.

A creative.

An author.

An autoimmune warrior.

A mom.

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My mission is to make mental wellness accessible and digestible. I also vow to help people crack their hearts open so they can access their wisdom, creativity and self-healing powers.

Fall Leaves

Mending Roots

At our core we all have deeply rooted beliefs that were formed in an environment we didn't create or couldn't control. In my work, I incorporate exercises, questions and reflection prompts to acknowledge what thoughts, beliefs, or memories negatively impact us. Once we can acknowledge those roots, we can honor them and accept them with the utmost compassion. And in time, mend them.

Bench by the Lake
Mending Roots HS Website Pictures  (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Healing Spaces

I envision all my products, courses, journals and workbooks as healing spaces. I provide a safe space for creatives and helping professionals unblock themselves of their creative energies. My hope is that you feel held by their nurturing energy and space for you to express your words, wisdom and intuition.

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