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Journaling on Acceptance

  • 20Weeks


This is a self-paced online guided journaling on acceptance course. In each module, I will teach one acceptance principle and how it applies to our suffering. I have crafted journal prompts for each module for you to acknowledge what you're experiencing, honor it by writing, and then also think of ways to accept, for your eventual letting go. You will have time to craft a self-care plan to help you soothe during this reflection journey. This course is for you if you: Write as a way to self-express (or did in the past) Struggle with accepting the things (or people) you can’t change in your life. Ruminate over and over regarding all the things that "should" or "should not" have happened. Have a hard time letting go. Feel stuck about how to move forward after experiencing something difficult. Want to live a life that is more aligned with you values. Want to create actions steps that align with the impact you want to make.





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