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Mending Roots, Healing Spaces

Updated: Apr 4

Transitioning from a shop account to a space that promotes healing in various ways. Transitioning into products and courses that offer a healing and holding space for you.

I welcome you to join me in collective reflection, awareness, and healing with the use of creativity, learning, and above all, centering our own wisdom.

This space is dedicated to those who hold powerful and meaningful words, phrases, emotions, thoughts, and stories waiting for permission to divulge. This space is dedicated to those deep breaths and sighs, eager to express and let go.

This Blog Space will be transforming into The Space Within -- my little corner in the mental health world.

Join us.

Sign up for the newsletter that will be composed of different insights, free journal prompts and resources, book origin stories, new offerings, and as a way to stay connection. We are not meant to heal in isolation. I would love to walk this path of recovery and healing with you.

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