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This Kids Self-Care Vision Board Activity was inspired by my 9 year old daughter and introducing Vision Boarding to her in an way that incorporates her mental health and wellness. 

My goal for your kids/clients is to have them start thiking about their mental health as wellness, while also making envisioning what they want their life to look like. 


It helps them communicate with adults about some of the ideas for joy they have.

This would be a great activity for kids to do in class, therapy/counseling sessions, leadership camps, as a family, and really, the possibilities are endless. 


The Kit includes the following 2 pages:

Page 1: Sample Page that you can share with them to give them a model.
Page 2: Blank Vision Board Worksheet 

Kids Self-Care Vision Board PDF

  • ::Terms and Disclaimers::

    *This is a US Letter Size PDF Download. Should there be an update or additional sizes offered, you will get an updated version of the workskeets.

    *Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not issue refunds.

    *These files are for your personal use only. They may not be sold, copied, distributed, shared or altered in any way. Do not share these files with anyone else. They are solely for you as a paying customer. You may direct others to this site to purchase their own download.

    *If you are a mental health professional or teacher, you have permission to use this with clients or students. I only ask that you do not share the entire file. Please direct anyone else to this website to purchase their own download. 

    *You may make multiple copies of your Kit and in fact are encouraged to. Our values change all the time.

    *These worksheets do not replace medical or mental health treatment.

    *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you,


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