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New Year Resolutions have a complex history and connotation with me as person who is always looking to self-improve and also as a therapist. While it's definitely a good thing to work towards self-improvement and self-actualization, now more than ever, I'm in the mindset of being great exactly as we are in this moment, while at the same time also working towards feeling better (note that I didn't say, 'being better!').



While one might think that this is contradictory, it falls under what Marsha Linehan (developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy) two opposing truths existing in the same space.


Seeing things and ourselves in this dialectical way helps us move beyond rigid rules of behavior, inflexible thinking patterns and all-or-nothing stances toward ourselves and others.


I created this list New Year Resolutions for the Soul for people who have complicated relationships with New Year Resolutions due to not feeling good enough, or that something is wrong with them, I propose these 22 New Year Resolutions that are good for the soul, based off of compassion and self-care, and can help us improve the way we feel internally.


It also helps us frame wellness from a decolonized mindset since it encourages us to listen to our body, slow down, rest, and set necessary boundaries. It defies diet culture as it focuses on what feels good to your body. It opposes toxic grind culture and invites you to rest. 


I hope you enjoy it and know that you are so worthy of ease in your life.

New Year Resolutions for the Soul

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    *This list or pdf does not imply or replace medical or mental health treatment.

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