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Introducing the "Summer Adventure Journal: Writing, Drawing, and Vision Boarding for Kids" – the ultimate kids' journal to plan and create the summer of their dreams! This interactive journal is carefully designed to help children envision and achieve the summer they truly desire. Packed with exciting features and optimized for maximum enjoyment, this journal is the ideal tool for kids to take control of their summer experience.


Inside, your child will discover a treasure trove of ideas for summer fun, accompanied by helpful tracking pages to help them stay on track and accomplish their goals. With dedicated sections for summer vision boards, journaling prompts, and drawing exercises, this journal stimulates creativity and self-expression. The blank journal and drawing pages encourage free association, allowing kids to unleash their imagination onto the pages. Additionally, feeling identification prompts assist children in expressing their emotions, while prompts for self-soothing activities explore the 5 senses, empowering children to discover personalized techniques for relaxation.


The journal also features comic-style pages where kids can embark on their own creative storytelling journey, using the power of comics to express themselves in a unique way.

Created with the intention of empowering children to craft a summer filled with joy and agency, this journal is a result of years of experience working with children who yearned for a more fulfilling summer. It serves as a valuable primer for kids interested in journaling and vision boarding, while subtly addressing mental health themes throughout, promoting a positive and healthy mindset.


Get ready for an unforgettable summer adventure with the "Summer Adventure Journal" – the perfect companion for every young explorer. Start planning, creating, and embracing the endless possibilities of a summer filled with fun and growth.


Great for:

  • Kids ages 6-11
  • Homeschooling
  • Summer camp
  • Summer school
  • Elementary School Students
  • School counselors/therapists
  • Teachers who focus on emotional intelligence and support
  • Learning to identify emotions
  • Introduction to journaling for children
  • Introduction to self expression for children.
  • Coping Tools
  • Early intervention

Digital PDF Page Size: 8.5 x 11 


Total: Pages: 65

Summer Adventure Journal E-Book PDF

  • *This is a US Letter Size PDF Download. 

    *These files are for your personal use only. They may not be sold, copied, distributed, shared or altered in any way. Do not share these files with anyone else. They are solely for you as a paying customer. You may direct others to this site to purchase their own download.

    *If you are a mental health professional or teacher, you have permission to use this with clients or students. I only ask that you please direct anyone else to this website to get their own download. 

    *This list or pdf does not imply or replace medical or mental health treatment.

    *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you

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