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In this Therapist Bundle I have included my favorite items to gift therapists I mentor and supervise. This bundle includes: 

1) The Therapist Notes: Structured CBT Agenda Notebook. It's a CBT informed agenda setting notebook to help you stay on track with basic CBT agenda setting style. I have also added compassion and acceptance questions you can add to consistently bring it up. It's what I use for my sessions and what I used to pass my CBT certification. Perfect for new therapists or students learning CBT. 

2) The Terapeuta Notebook is a Cornell style lined notebook for taking notes. It has bilingual self-care, compassion and affirmation statements. Additionally there is over 100 bilingual self care ideas. There are pages for mind maps to brainstrom projects or deadlines, dotted grids to use used as you see fit, and lastly Habit Trackers to help therapists engage and track their healthy behaviors for self-care and burnout prevention (or recovery). This is a perfect Help-the-Helper gift.

3) Acceptance is... Journal is a guided journal for the person who is having difficulty accepting reality as it is in the present moment and/or in deep suffering because of it. This journal was born out of realizing how difficult acceptance is, and yet how as a skill is incredibly liberating. This journal helps us evaluate our relationship with acceptance (or lack thereof), consider what letting to would look like and feel like. It also has pages with self-care plans because acceptance work is initially painful. It also has the brainmapping pages that are helpful once someone is in the planning stages of doing something different about their situation. It can provide options and clarity as we are working on accepting our current situation and working toward letting go. 

4) 10 - Mending Roots Coping Cards: These coping cards are a fun way to set boundaries and shift perspectives. They can serve as self-care reminders or affirmations. I have them displayed in my office and always pull the out for reference. You will get 2 of each of these 5 cards. 

5) Free gift: sample tools you can use in therapy. 

Therapist Notebook Bundle

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  • Due to the nature of the products, I do not issue returns or exchanges. 

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