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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the weight of uncertainty and fear understandably took a toll on the world's mental health. For many of us, we were dealing with the first pandemic in our lives and nation. It was scary to look to leaders who don't have concrete answers. It was scary for children to look to parents and teachers with no concrete answers. Not having answers is downright scary and that has been the topic of many conversations I've had. As a creative, I like to process my thoughts and feelings on paper either by writing or engaging in art. 


I created this coloring book with simple and easy to digest tips to help us manage those difficult feelings that come with uncertainty. 


You will find messages of: 

  • Validation
  • Nervous system help
  • Acceptance


There are also pages where you will get to add your own messages, words and tips from your own inner wisdom and experience. 

Uncertainty Coloring Book Digital PDF

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  • ::Terms and Disclaimers::

    *This is a US Letter Size PDF Download. 

    *Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not issue refunds.

    *These files are for your personal use only. They may not be sold, copied, distributed, shared or altered in any way. Do not share these files with anyone else. They are solely for you as a paying customer. You may direct others to this site to purchase their own download.

    *If you are a mental health professional or teacher, you have permission to use this with clients or students. I only ask that you do not share the entire file. Please direct anyone else to this website to purchase their own download. 

    *This coloring book does not imply or replace medical or mental health treatment.

    *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you

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