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I offer courses, workshops, and trainings for the public as well as mental health professionals. All courses center mental wellness and creating a space to support individuals and professionals in collective healing.


I offer trainings to therapists, social workers and counselors. I have 13 years experience in presenting on different evidence based practices, adaptations, and clinical themes. I specialize in trauma, BIPOC considerations, and burnout recovery.

Journals and Stationary

I am the author of all Mending Roots Coping Guides Collection of Journals, Coloring Books, Workbooks, and Notebooks with mental wellness and healing themes. 


I offer consultations for therapists who also identify as creatives. As a writer, author, and crafter, I implement creative techniques and interventions throughout my work. I assist mental health professionals in leaning into their creativity, be sounding board for ideas, and offer my experience for consultation.

Digital Products

Digital worksheets and products are available for individuals and service professionals to use in their healing work.

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