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Welcome to Mending Roots - Healing Spaces. 

I created this healing space as for those of us who are fueled by their vulnerabilities; for those of us who are the "I got it," thinkers, doers, and fixers of the world. 

The Spaces: I created journals, worksheets, courses, a creative mentorship and offerings that will meet you at the intersection of healing and creating. 


Mending Roots
Healing Spaces Blog


Courses & Mentorship

I offer courses, workshops, and creative mentorship for the public as well as mental health professionals. All courses center mental wellness and creating a space to support individuals and professionals in collective healing.

Journals & Stationary

I am the author of all Mending Roots Coping Guides Collection of Journals, Coloring Books, Workbooks, and Notebooks with mental wellness and healing themes. 

Digital Products

Digital worksheets and products are available for individuals and service professionals to use in their healing work.



"She is doing exciting work publishing these beautiful books and so much more we use with our clients. Congratulations Sofia on all you are doing. I love all the creative work you do and can see all your love and passion for this work and our community!"
Elizabeth Gonzalez-Jaskulak, LCSW LatinxSandPlay
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